The Contradict Movement


This bold movement is truth in love. The other well known movement, the Coexist movement, is actually inclusive at best and has universalism as a thinly veiled agenda. In today’s postmodern society that believes there is no such thing as absolute truth the Coexist movement promotes the belief that all religions are fundamentally the same. We are not allowed to disagree with love. Disagreement is assumed to be hate. But disagreement doesn’t have to be hate.


13 thoughts on “The Contradict Movement

  1. Well put. It is very much like our Christian culture that makes us believe that it is wrong to say no when asked to do something. You get this exasperated expression that communicates the thought, “how could you say no?”. And somehow, this no is assumed to express a lack of love for the other person – kind of on the lines of “if you love me you’ll say yes to whatever I ask for” thinking.

    I wrote a post a while back called “Does familiarity really breed contempt?” ( wherein which I assert that it is not familiarity that breeds contempt, but rather unfulfilled expectations.

    And so it is true of what you: disagreement does not equate to hate; but it is rather perceived as hate because of your failure to agree/accept the their point of view.

  2. You are right. Because in our society we are taught to live by our feelings and so our feelings then become our only measure of right and wrong and love and hate. Coincidence I liked your Superman post yesterday and just started following you now. I began my journey as an SDA and am now in a charismatic non-denominational church. I don’t see myself leaving my church but I can identify with the maturity that you say you reached in the Baptist church in that our church takes an ecumenical and body view of Christianity(1 Cor 12:12-31). So I am grateful for the spiritual meaning meant by the Sabbath that I learned as an SDA and I am grateful for the deliverance, healing, character building, holiness, charismatic, fasting, worship, prayer and Jewish roots that I get from my current church. And the Lord has me studying apologetics, Philosophy by Christian authors, Bibliology (loose term) and Ecclesiology. My theory is that reformation since Luther has created denominations that brings division but at the same time God has revived his truth. So the problem isn’t the existence of denominations is that we don’t get along and don’t want to prayerfully search and see if God is trying to revive a biblical truth through the denomination. (hmm..I think I will blog about this today..LOL).

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Billie. World religions are superficially similar but fundamentally different. They can’t all be true or sum to be the complete truth because when you sum them together they are incoherent and contradict each other. But what are some facts that you know about world religions that make them weave together nicely for you?

      • The acceptance of LOVE, God, is my fact, gold refined, that has given me much in the way of meaning and understanding about people, and their beliefs. I can prove nothing, with world religion facts.

      • There are biblical truths in other religions and philosophies. But the fundamental answers to morals, origin, life’s meaning and destiny are vastly contradictory. Christianity is the only philosophy or worldview that is driven on a person. In all other worldviews you will grow by knowledge, an experience or adopting a way to live. This is where I said world religions are superficially similar but when it comes down to the fundamentals that will translate into influencing a person’s life they are very different. Only a belief that Jesus is the son of God will lead to salvation. Check out if you get a chance.

  3. billiescauldron is saying your belief that true for you but not true for others, it is that relativism view that is popular.
    There is objective truth though.

    If somebody walks up to you and proclaims that your shoes are made out of pizza, it is either true or false in the same sense either Jesus is God and rose from the dead or he is not God and did not rise from the dead.

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